Comparison Between Capsules & Other Forms Of Kratom

kratom capsules vs

Kratom is famous for its euphoric, analgesic and stimulant effects. It is essential to understand the accurate directions and the perfect way to use it.

Different users use it in various ways. Primarily, leaves were known for instant effects, but now it is consumed in other forms too. Some of these kinds include;

  • Extract
  • Tincture
  • Supplements

All the types have full benefits of it only the choice for personal use is a matter of selection. Here are some of the best possibilities for you to choose the most suitable technique for Kratom use.

Kratom buyers, particularly the beginners, are often tangled in the differences between the different forms of Kratom including leaves, powder, capsules, extract, and other.

However, there is no change of any kind according to the potency of every form. But, there is a transformation between these types when it comes to the suitability of the intake.

Basics Of Kratom Leaves:

  • Kratom leaves derive as fresh or dry. A direct method to use Kratom is to crush the leaves. In ancient days the folk consumes to chew the leaves, particularly the workers who deal with heavy machinery and those who labor for long hours.
  • People make tea from dried leaves to extract the alkaloids which are active elements. Chewing causes the withdrawal of several alkaloids deprived of wasting any.
  • Using leaves is the traditional and authentic technique to get the best results.

Dosage Determination For Fresh Leaves:

  • Use the leaves to make tea, better to use the fresh ones. For high effects, a handful of leaves are needed, for mild effects, use minor quantity.
  • When you use the Kratom leaves, usually you cannot determine the ideal quantity. You need to weigh the leaves to regulate the dose every time.
  • Fresh leaves are not usually meant for euphoria or tranquility. Dosage determination is easy for mild effects; just take the estimated dose as there are absolutely no side effects.

Kratom Powder:

You need to grind the dry Kratom leaves are processed them to convert into a fine powder form. There are two forms of grind powder;

  • Crushed leaves
  • Fine powder

Both types are similarly helpful and beneficial. A selection from both is a personal choice.

Way To Consume Powder:

  • You can take the powder straight after quantifying the correct quantity.
  • You can make tea from the dust or crushed leaves, add honey or lemon to eliminate the bitter flavor.

Dosage Of Powder:

Each strain shows different effects which depend upon the dosage. Some of the strains are very latent, and the low intake offers same results as the big dose of the slight strain.

For beginners, the low dose is recommended and safe for you. A small dose contains 1-2 grams though you can start from 0.5gram.

Never take more than 3grams in beginning at any price unless you are using the drug regularly because the higher dosage can produce side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Sedation
  • Dizziness

Only new users experience the above mention effects, and these are not effective if the intake is on a regular basis.

Kratom Capsules:

Kratom powder is obtainable in supplements just like other nutritional drugs. A standard quantity of the powder is fixed inside a capsule. The powder is only filled with the tablet, letting the consumer swallow the cap quickly. Powder form is very bitter, and some users might not bear its unpleasant taste.


There are numerous benefits you can enjoy with these capsules.

  • Using a capsule is tranquil for quantity control also easy to gulp and gets absorbed directly.
  • It eliminates the nasty or bitter taste of the Kratom powder. Consuming a pill keeps you save from the unpleasant flavor.
  • They are not messy like powder and allow the users to bring and take them fast.
  • All the capsules available by the vendors are of the equal effectiveness. So you can rapidly make dosage with them.

Intake Kratom Capsule: You can use Kratom capsule with water or fruit juice like any other capsule.


  • These capsules are for oral route only.
  • You should not use it with alcoholic beverages.
  • They should not consume for any other tenacity or course.

Kratom Extract:

  • The enhanced form of Kratom is known as extract a rich alkaloid product. It is more potent than Kratom powder and fresh leaves.
  • Large leaves and processed with boiling water to get the alkaloid extraction. Extra water evaporates, and the rest is the thick paste of Kratom.
  • You can use it in multiple ways.

Extract Dosage:

  • Kratom extract delivers more powerful effects than the real leaves with reasonably small doses with extract. Usually, 0.33g of 15x extract and 5 grams powder has same results. Although there is a significant dissimilarity in quantity, the effects are identical. You must start with a less amount and raise it accordingly.

All the Kratom forms are useful and offer best results; the quantity in every dose defines the effects. However, for every person, the dosage, results, and outcomes can differ. Kratom extract can work best, but for a new start, powder and capsules are a good option.